Using videos to market your business

The environment in which we market our businesses is getting more and more competitive by the day. We are constantly searching for points of difference and new ways to entertain and capture audiences online. A picture tells a thousand words. Well how many words does a video tell? You only have to look at YouTube to work out how popular the use of both short clips and long videos are. Just over 11 million people in Australia use YouTube, almost half our population. The emergence of social media video tools like Vine and Instagram let you go beyond text and photo to bring a customer or fan of your business much closer to you than ever before. The Vine application adds a visual element to social sharing. It consists of a stop and go video that takes six seconds of video at a time, so you can quickly and easily create compilation or looping videos. Instagram started as a photo sharing tool but has now extended to include videos which has brought another way to share your stories and promote your brands. The main difference to Vine is that you can make a video up to 15 seconds. Videos are becoming a major trend in social media circles and a fair few of my clients are using it now. The short format means you can create mini ads at no cost to you. The key is to making your videos memorable. Give your prospective customers small chunks of your brand in a creative, engaging way, and you will stand a better chance of being remembered. The key is making your Vine video entertaining and memorable. Give your prospective customers bite-sized chunks of your brand in a creative, engaging way, and you stand a better chance of being remembered. It brings out your imagination. Employee interviews, quick facts about your company and glimpses at your productions process are all example of how these tools can be used. If you want fully subsidised help in making a plan of attack in regards to videos, come in and see me. Phone 4721 5011.