Traits of successful people

I have been researching what successful people do and in particular their traits. You can know all the tips and tricks in the world to apply in your business, but there also need to be some qualities that you possess within to be successful. I think its great advice to pass on because it can help you value your particular habits or traits that you live by. So I have compiled some traits of successful people, some light-hearted and some more serious: They work hard – The assumption that people with money don’t work hard is so far from the truth that I believe many of us assume there is some sort of a shortcut to riches. Live outside of their comfort zones – Don’t be afraid to fail, live and learn. Never content – Challenge ideas, there is always room for improvement. Be Yourself – Speaks for itself, don’t be fake. Repeat past successes – If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Within reason of course, always adapting to new tricks and technology is important too. Spend with rewards in mind – Not all rich people started with lots of cash. Any means that will extend the value of a dollar spent is taken into consideration. Accept quitting – Successful people aren’t afraid to stop what isn’t working. Be honest with yourself. Say ‘no’ more often than ‘yes’ – Don’t hesitate to say ‘no’ to things that will distract you from your path to success. They invest early and often – Start early and compound your empire. They don’t rent, they refuse to pay money into anything that doesn’t generate a return. They make personal connections – Whether the connection they make is good for business or good for the heart, people who are well off seek out and then value new friendships and acquaintances. They are content with what they have – This doesn’t mean “content with less”, because they are always looking for opportunities to make more money, but money is not the number one motivator. Family and friends are. They work hard to provide for her family, to give to the needy and to enjoy life at every step of the way.