GenYQ is blazing a new frontier for our city’s young entrepreneurs. The young business people meet to share ideas, be mentored by experienced business owners and challenge each other to reach higher in life. I commend any young person with a dream to build their own business to commit themselves to this wonderfully exciting group. They’ll find a place where friendships can grow, networking can occur and possibilities can take shape.
Tanya Davies MP, Tanya Davies Member for Mulgoa
The GenYQ group is fantastic. I have met many young people in various stages of their business, from those with great ideas to well established business owners. I enjoy going because I love meeting new people, learning about how the businesses are going and I am constantly amazed by the amount of wonderful and innovative businesses in our area. The casual atmosphere of the meetings themselves, makes them feel relaxed and informal and more like an after-work catch up with friends than a meeting. I would recommend this group to any young person in business, because there is something for everyone here!
Rebekah Drummond, Origin Fitness
GenYQ is the perfect environment to reach the 18-35 market. The friendly nature of the networking event makes it easy to deal with other like minded young entrepreneurs. Even for those that are outside of the demographic who have attended as a special guest. If you have never attended a networking event, GenYQ is a great way to start.
Graham Fitzpatrick, Sales Manager Fusion FM 87.8 Dance Music Radio
Only having recently been employed in a small business, I have found that GenYQ offers a great opportunity for networking, especially when new to working in small businesses. My first experience at GenYQ allowed me to meet some great people and I was overwhelmed by the number of people who were involved. It really is a great chance to become familiar with the people working in the area and develop networks with these people which can be quite helpful in the future. Everyone seems really easy going and it’s a great social environment. It’s something to look forward to every month and it’s local!
Cassandra Fenton, Tactical Solutions
As a younger person in a senior role, GenYQ has enabled me to mix with people in a similar position. Its casual style is its core benefit, and the guest speakers have given wonderful advice and pointers towards the challenges and stumbling blocks that are to come in business. GenYQ has become an integral part of what I do, what the Western Weekender’s young team does, and what Penrith does.
Troy Dodds, Editor, Weekender Newspapers
Generation YQ is a great place for young individuals entering into the corporate business world to feel comfortable and relaxed. A place to gather skills in networking and gaining new connections. I have found it a great environment to be able to connect with other individuals in relation to my work and gain insight into how others are marketing their own businesses.
Hayley Condon, Condon Associates
I really enjoy attending the GenYQ networking functions. They allow me, who after spending 15 years in the building industry, undertaking commercial office and shop fitout, to work with the new up and coming business leaders of tomorrow and share my stories and help them personally grow. I would recommend this networking group to any young entrepreneur starting out or just wanting to meet others. Remember: Business is about shaking hands and saying Hello…
Phillip Grueff, Arcs Building Group
Being new to the Networking scene, i found GenYQ helped me come out of my shell and gain confidence in speaking to people about business as the meetings are held at social settings where everybody can have a drink, relax and mingle with like minded individuals. GenYQ also helped me learn more about the businesses in the area and their services as well as help gain exposure of the company i represent. A point of difference GenYQ has over other networking groups is that it is created for young business representatives who can relate to each other, make friends, help each other gain leads and share stories of success and failure.
Irene Narayan, Thomas Marsden Advertising
In my role I have been to many different types of networking events. As a younger person I found that they were all mainly dominated by people that had been in business for a long time and my confidence in talking to them diminished over time. When I attended GenYQ it was a totally different feeling. Everyone was laid back and welcoming and because of the age the ability to relate and interact with others was heightened. I am now a regular attendee and have made some really good business connections and friends as well.
Michael Eason, BDM for Adams & Partners Lawyers
GenYQ has provided fantastic opportunities for myself and other young entrepreneurs from the Penrith area. Not only have I met great people from different industries, starting new business, we have also had the opportunity to learn from successful business people from the Penrith area that were once in our shoes. I look forward to each and every event because I know I will meet someone new and learn something.
Michael Jones, JymFit