How to start a work week

It is often said that ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day (I think they all are) which is much like the start of a work week, the so-called dreaded Monday. I don’t understand why people hate it, it’s a chance to get each working week off to a flyer. A little study was done which asked 10 successful business people how they start their work weeks. Here is a summary of their answers: Use weekends effectively – You start a week well if you don’t have a good weekend. Weekends are a time for yourself, relax. Many people do their best thinking during leisure time. Plan your week – Most people hate Monday mornings. Successful people are not most people. Take time to plan your priorities for the week. Get up early – How early? Depends on what your body can handle. What you do with that extra time is up to you. Emails – They can dominate our lives. After a weekend your inbox is usually quite full, respond to important ones instantly so you don’t fall behind from the start. Or don’t – One response contradicted the previous one. It’s true that emails can get backlogged, but the early part of Monday could be the only time where you can complete some focused work or planning. Exercise – One person recommended working out, which sets the tone for the entire week that follows. It is a way of making yourself a priority when you otherwise wouldn’t and it will clear your head for sure. For the record, I check my emails early on Monday. Why wait when there could be an issue or request that could be part of your plan for the week. Take advantage of the commute – If you have to commute to work or run your business, use the time to tackle tasks. Be grateful – It’s easy to be in a negative state of mind on a Monday morning, but be happy for what you have and what you have achieved. Toughest tasks firsts – Try completing your toughest task/s first. Every other one from there on will seem very easy and make you more productive. Start with a clean desk – You can’t expect to get anything done in a cluttered space. Take an extra 5 minutes on Friday to clean up.