Social media statistics May 2013

To settle a few debates about the most popular and most effective social media, I thought I would give a snapshot on the amount of users and my take on which ones I feel are the best to use at the moment. Facebook has 11,534,540 australian users, YouTube – 11,250,000, – 3,200,000, Blogspot – 2,900,000, Tumblr – 2,900,000, LinkedIn – 2,900,000, Twitter – 2,167,849, Instagram – 1,083,924, Flickr – 880,000, TripAdvisor – 810,000, Pinterest – 610,000, MySpace – 290,000, Yelp – 220,000, Reddit – 185,000, Google Plus – approx 100,000, StumbleUpon – 95,000, Foursquare – 51,000, Digg – 33,000, Delicious – 31,000. We are seeing WordPress and Tumblr gaining users, LinkedIn again is seeing further growth as more people focus on their professional identity and join the workforce. So what does all those usage statistics mean? Facebook is the biggest, largest and most engaging social network in Australia, and worldwide. Many Australian users spend in excess of 20 hours+ per month on the website, far more than any other social network. If you are looking into Social Media Marketing then Facebook is where you should concentrate your efforts. The secondary networks of YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and blogging sites WordPress, Blogspot and Tumblr do attract large amounts of users but have less sophisticated platforms overall. However these sites can still drive large volumes of Australian traffic. Twitter’s effectiveness in particular is still very hard to estimate as they don’t reveal any users stats like Facebook and LinkedIn do. My current social media use is facebook, definitely, more than half our population are using it! I have a LinkedIn account because it’s aimed at professionals and if 2.9 million Australians are also using it, keeping in mind our professional workforce is about 5.5 million people, then more than half are using LinkedIn. Twitter is still not targeted enough for mine and dont have enough Australian users to justify the time spent using it. If you need any help with your own social media strategy, the BEC offers fully subsidised business advice. All you have to do is phone (02) 4721 5011 and make an appointment.