Penrith is here! Are you behind it?

Penrith has undergone a major facelift that has and will see the region promoted like never before. The Penrith is here brand will drive jobs and economic investment, as well as enhance community pride by changing the way people see the area. But it needs your support to make it work. The new brand is more than an orange ‘P’, it captures the city’s attributes and presents Penrith as vibrant and proud, while asserting its presence as a regional city. It’s much more than a logo, it’s a change in the way we think and talk about ourselves. So here’s your cue, the brand doesn’t belong exclusively to Council, it was developed for the benefit of everyone living and working here and will enable us to show the rest of the world who we are and what we stand for here locally. I think it’s time we all take a fresh look at what we have to offer. Locally, we’re industrious, thriving and independent. We are proud, connected and confident and know where we’re heading. Penrith is growing fast, it’s fitting that we first identify ourselves and then tell everyone else about it. So promote that, use the brand as a part of your business: – On your website – On your email signatures – On promotional material – At special events you participate in – On your market stalls There are so many ways to incorporate the new brand into your business. We now have a brand that allows you to express your pride in our area, and help give Penrith a uniformity it can be proud of and expose to others. I know I’m not the only one that gets sick of the ill informed stereotypes people have of the Penrith, especially in the city and inner west. I see this as our chance to change these perceptions and all Penrith businesses should get behind the new brand and their city.