Patience is Important

In all walks of life, patience is important. It’s like good surfers waiting for the right wave, or having to wait till the rain stops to go for a walk and what Panther fans are going through to see their team win. Business is a similar practice in patience, especially with the competitive nature of current times. I met someone at a networking event recently. Made a strong connection, exchanged business cards and was certain I could help this person. That evening, I sent a quick email to follow up on the earlier discussion. No email reply the next day. Two days go by. Nothing. As each day goes on, you’re feeling more and more dejected. Waiting in anticipation can be a test of your patience. But it can also be frustrating to your business. Once you master the art of patience, it will pay off. After all, I am fortunate to be selling free business advice but there was no response at all. Long story short the business owner came in for advice. I had her details so she was automatically on our database getting our information regularly sent via email. With the amount of people that come through our door, I quickly forgot about the contact. Until about 3 months later when the person was sitting right in front of me with a partner. They said I was always in the back of their mind, but just didn’t get around to making an appointment. They did say that our newsletters were received and they always appreciated them and then one day it triggered something – which is why they were in front of me. In business, having a system of follow up promotes patience. It’s not only with clients, growth can be the same. Sometimes plans need to be put on the backburner because you aren’t ready to implement them. It’s strange but growing too fast can hurt your business in the long run. Get advice if you need it, there is help available through your local Business Advisory Centre.