Marketing to Baby Boomers

A large proportion of the people I associate with are from this generation so I’m in good stead to evaluate this one. I support various research findings that when it comes to advertising, Baby Boomers feel ignored, disengaged and misunderstood, despite accounting for 25 percent of the population and owning 50 percent of our country’s wealth which I believe Penrith Valley reflects. It should be commonsense but if they are your target market, lay off the old jokes. Don’t refer to them as seniors or an aging population. My parents hate it and so does my boss. It’s alienating and makes them feel obsolete. But Baby Boomers have money, unlike their kids and grandkids (Gen X and Gen Y), which is why they are an attractive market. With this in mind, here are some things you need to consider when marketing to them: – Half of them have grandkids which they spend a lot of money on. If they’re like mine, they don’t need much of anything and would rather spoil their offspring’s offspring. So don’t leave them out of the loop on what the youngest generation might want. – Grandma (don’t call her that) wants to still feel attractive. Don’t judge it, just help her find the creams, lotions, makeup, exercise products, and diet she needs. My Nan for example. – 68 percent of boomers go online after seeing a health-related TV commercial. 80 percent click health-related ads. – They’re not brand loyal like their kids, so this is good news for new businesses, but they’re more likely to trust a friend than you. Win grandma’s friend or children over, you’ll win grandma over too. So ignoring social networking sites at this point might be a bad idea.