How to be a good leader

Give them an inch, and they will take a mile. It’s a quote that is widely used because it’s true, and happens. I use it in the context of staff and keeping them disciplined workplace wise. Not many staff members are self-disciplined enough to just work without their boss constantly and keep themselves motivated and your business afloat. Every boss wants staff that are fully engaged in their work, satisfied with job duties and responsibilities, and most of all, productive. Employee productivity is as key to a business’ profitability as job satisfaction is key to employee productivity. Employers need to establish a culture or policy that encourages employee involvement in addressing unacceptable behaviour.
Establish rules and guidelines
Just as there are job descriptions with standards of performance, there must be behaviour and conduct standards. These rules need to be consistent and enforced across the organisation.
Define consequences for the violation of code of ethics
Ensure the system presents a fair technique for reprimanding employees who have fallen short of the required standards. Make it smart of course, you don’t want your employees to feel constantly under-attack.
Start a programme to boost discipline
This can be done by giving out remuneration to individuals who maintain high standards of discipline. These examples can help build positive personal reinforcement for employees to achieve the company’s expected level of discipline.
Act as a role model
This is the most important one. Employers need to lead by example to inspire employees and maintain a suitable reputation in the company. The whole workplace looks up to you.
Positive Reinforcement
This motivates your employees to comply with organisational policies and standards. You might worry that being soft on your employees will encourage misbehaviour, but rewards, bonuses and promotions align employee interests in a space you need them to be.
An important aspect of positive discipline is continual feedback. Employees need to know when they’re doing things right. Maintaining discipline in the workplace is vital in creating a safe and comfortable working environment for both employees and the management.