You are in control

So you have just started your business and sales haven’t come in as quick and fast as you expected or you have been running your business for a while and recently you have noticed your turnover isn’t what it once was. So who or what are you blaming? Is it the government? The media? The general economic situation? The slowdown of 2009 which has left buyers with no confidence? It may be one or a combination of these reasons. But all its done is make business more competitive, which is great for consumers but means that you as a business person need to become more innovative and enthusiastic and accept that what has worked in the past for so long, might not work anymore. We have seen a change in the way business is done recently. Attribute that to technology mainly, the emergence of social media as a way to do business. I have seen many clients who are opposed to learning or adopting the new methods of online marketing but after showing them the benefits, they are quickly convinced. Stay Focused – Constantly research what your competitors are doing and look for new industry trends. Patience – Without a doubt, patience is the most difficult. If you’re doing everything you can to stay successful, it is possible for the market, like in 2009, to experience a decline. It’s those that were smart back then by forecasting and take less wages out of their businesses are the ones still trading today. Maintain a positive attitude – The words that you use, what you speak aloud and your body language have a vast influence in how you perceive both what’s happening in the world and the way others perceive you and your business.Negativity won’t get you anywhere. Believe in yourself – Sometimes you lose faith in your own ability, but think of the successes you have had as a person and business owner till now. Have you seen staff develop into better business people as a result of working with you or do you have countless testimonials from happy clients? You’re not where you are by chance. Its staying innovative that keeps you ahead of the field. Never be complacent.