Commitment and fulfilling promises

Commitment is a big thing in many areas of business in terms of staying true to promises. The commitment side is so important in all walks of life. It can make or break your business as we make a variety or promises on a daily basis. We all make promises on a daily basis. To customers, we provide quotes or estimates. Your guarantee is a promise of satisfaction. Even just stating “I’ll get back to you on that” or “It will arrive tomorrow” are expectations that need to be met. To employees, you promise them competitive remuneration, a performance review, safe working conditions, career advancement and a whole lot of other fringe benefits. Not fulfilling these promises can lead to high levels of turnover and we all know the negative repercussions this can have on a business. We also make promises to shareholders like having integrity when dealing with problems, paying vendors for supplies on time and investors or bankers accurate financial reports with constant updates. Most importantly, you have also made promises to yourself and your family for at least a reasonable return on investment and the satisfaction that comes from owning your own business. Are you keeping these promises? I live by being on the other side a lot, putting yourself in the client’s shoes and doing my best to deliver what I would expect to be a great level of service. Being honest throughout the process goes a long way too, once again in life as a whole and not just business. It’s the people that do business with integrity, a true belief in fulfilling customer’s expectations, that shine through and make a success of their business and themselves.