Changes to Facebook & Instagram for your Business Accounts

Recently we have seen some changes to the way Instagram and Facebook work for businesses.

Instagram has introduced Instagram for Business pages. If you have an Instagram profile for your business, you may have noticed a blue pop up box when logging into your account recently. This switches your existing “personal” Instagram business page to an actual “business” page.

New business page benefits include:

CONTACT – You can add your phone number, email, and address/location to your profile, so your customers can reach you directly via a CONTACT button from Instagram.

INSIGHTS – much like Facebook Insights, you can now learn about your followers and see how your posts are performing. You can see things like the total number of times your posts have been seen, and the average times your followers are on Instagram on a typical day – so you know what times are the most beneficial to post.

PROMOTIONS – Create promotions on Instagram that help you grow your business. Previously this had to be created through Facebook, but can now be created straight from the Instagram app.

ADDRESS – Your business address now also appears on the bottom of your profile bio, which leaves more characters available for you to customise your bio.

INDUSTRY – Your page will also have an Industry sector (for example Spas/Beauty/Personal Care) including in your profile bio so your potential followers can determine what exactly it is you offer.

HOW TO MAKE THE SWITCHJust click on the popup, or switch it over at any time in your page’s settings (the same location you use to change your password and log out etc). You can also switch back to a “personal” account at any time.

Facebook update:

  • Reach and referral traffic will continue to decline for business pages. In response you should be focusing more on video as it is proven to get the most interactions and reach.
  • Properly design your posts and make sure they are relevant. This will ensure they get maximum shares.
  • Monitor your insights daily or as often as possible to find your best performing posts.
  • Make good use of Facebook live and always include visual elements.
  • Definitely have a budget. Pay to amplify your reach