Are you too available?

It’s an unusual question. The fact that we are experiencing a downturn and some businesses are struggling for genuine customers means that we should give an arm and a leg for some decent business. Maybe we shouldn’t be too available.
Surely if we want our businesses to thrive we need to be available for clients whenever they need/want us? Or should we all set boundaries? Being tax time, I have an accountant who basically fits around my timetable. I schedule a Wednesday night appointment, then have to cancel. The next possible timeslot for me is the weekend, a Saturday morning! No problem, see you at 9am. So what is this really about: • Fear of losing customers if you are not flexible or available when they want? • Discomfort in setting business boundaries? • Wanting to please your customers? Most business owners I converse with have said that with the negative press around, time is hard to come by as more time is having to be spent on their respective businesses. I encourage people to be clear with yourself about when you are available and when you are not. It can be very challenging to have this level of trust in the beginning. It’s hard to begin with but the business boundaries set enable a good quality of service. Are you to available? What changes could you make that would improve the balance of your business life? What if you committed to these changes for 3 months to see what happens?